Офис компании работает в обычном режиме
Санкт-Петербург, Лиговский пр., 43/45Б
м. Пл. Восстания
Карта проезда
8 (812) 748-24-42 Санкт-Петербург, Лиговский пр., 43/45Б пн-пт с 9.00 до 18.00

About Eclex

Welcome to the website of the legal company ECLEX.

«Eсlex» was founded in 2004 as a group lawyers dedicated to providing advice and expertise at the highest levels. Cohesive team of lawyers intensely focused on solving clients’ most important problems.

Eclex’s legal experts have impressive track record of successfully arbitration, litigation, corporate and commercial law, reorganizations of corporations, as well as construction and real estate law and offer our clients a comprehensive approach to help them identify and address their needs and opportunities.

We provide a complete and comprehensive service in the areas of law, including:

  • advising on commercial and civil law;
  • drafting and analysis of agreements;
  • support in negotiations and alternative dispute resolution;
  • legal representation in courts of general jurisdiction and arbitration tribunals;
  • support in the enforcement of judicial rulings and court decisions;
  • preparation of writs, formal complaints, and other documentation;
  • business incorporation, corporate reorganization, disposal, and winding-up;
  • legal support in issue of shares;
  • obtaining of licenses and registration of rights;
  • advising on real estate law;
  • carrying out legal expertise and identifying legal risks.

We do our best to provide high level of services and would be glad to see you among our clients and partners.

Eclex is located in Saint-Petersburg, Russia.
Adress: Business Center «Liter B», 43/45, Ligovskiy st. (view map)
Phone: 7 (812) 748-24-42
Fax: 7 (812) 748-24-42
Email: info@eclex.ru

phone icon Skype: eclexspb

Business incorporation and Reorganization Department

Ltd., AO, SP, NPO Registration, alteration of constituent documents, legal entity elimination

office 301, 3rd floor

phone icon +7 (812) 748-24-42
phone icon +7 (961) 803-28-83

Legal Support and Litigation Department

Litigation, execution, legal advising and dissection for legal entities

office 401, 4th floor

phone icon +7 (812) 748-24-42
phone icon +7 (953) 345-20-95

Legal Support and Litigation Department

Legal proceedings, execution, legal advice and analysis for individuals

office 411, 4th floor

phone icon +7 (812) 748-24-42
phone icon +7 (953) 378-22-10

Real Estate Department

Transactions support , registration of rights to real estate, real estate selection

office 411, 4th floor

phone icon +7 (812) 748-24-42
phone icon +7 (921) 181-55-09

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